Bridge crane

Overview of bridge crane

Bridge crane is a kind of lifting equipment over the warehouse, factory and stock ground to move, lift or transport many kinds of materials. Due to it looks like a bridge, so called bridge crane. The bridge crane is one of the largest quantity and world most used lifting equipment, which can best meet the requirements of faster, better and safer in various factories.

A overhead crane system can be divided into five core parts, the driving device, hoisting mechanism, load handing device, manipulate systems and mental structure. They are just like the framework of the overhead crane. In other word, a overhead crane system can’t work normally without any of them.

Aimed at different group standards, there are numerous kinds of bridge cranes. Considering the working duty, we can offer the light duty overhead crane with lifting capacity less than 20 tons (some particular bridge equipment 20 tons is available) and the heavy duty overhead crane that can load from 20 tons to 500 tons. Regarded the structure, the overhead crane kits is made up of single girder overhead crane and double girder cranes. (You can go to related page to know more information and price) Meanwhile, we also design two different suspension ways of overhead crane, one is under hung overhead crane suit for the factory whose space is limited, and another is top running overhead crane, which is better for high headroom warehouse. At the same time, we provide three distinct manipulate methods, they are ground control, air control includes cabin control and remote wire rope control. As well as all kinds of tonnage bridge crane for sale.

Ellsen bridge crane products

QD type double girder overhead crane

Indoor crane for sale

Overview of indoor crane Indoor crane provides a new solution for load and transport of goods or something else in ...
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LB type explosion-proof overhead crane

Explosion-proof overhead crane for sale

Overview of explosion-proof crane As a particular type of overhead crane, the explosion-proof overhead crane we produced is qualified for ...
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YZ Foundry Industrial Heavy Duty Crane

Electric overhead travelling crane

Electric overhead travelling crane stands for EOT, which is designed to move, lift or transport materials up to 500 ton ...
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electromagnetic overhead crane

Magnetic overhead crane for sale

The magnetic overhead crane produced by Ellsen Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a special product mainly used to lift iron, ...
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LD type single girder electric crane

Remote control overhead crane for sale

Overview of remote control overhead crane Remote control overhead crane belongs to the overhead crane, which using the remote control ...
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LX Type Underhung Crane

Underhung crane for sale

Underhung crane, also called under slung bridge crane or under running bridge crane, which are designed for flexibility and functionality ...
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LH type double girder hoist trolley crane

Top running overhead crane for sale

Overview of top running overhead crane Differ with under hung bridge crane for sale, top running overhead crane is designed ...
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QD type double girder overhead crane with hook

Overhead crane with hook for sale

For many workplaces, like factory, warehouse, industrial and construction sites, the low price overhead crane with hook is necessary and ...
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manual overhead crane for sale

Manual overhead crane for sale

When running and lifting mechanism of an overhead crane are both completed by human power, then the lifting machine is ...
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LH Double Girder Overhead Crane for Workshop

Workshop Overhead Crane

Workshop overhead crane is designed for efficient and safe lifting of goods that need to be manufactured or repaired in ...
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HD Type Single Girder Crane

Overhead Pendant Crane

Pendant crane can be controlled by an operator using a push button pendant which is attached to the crane itself ...
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Foundry Crane for Sale

Foundry Crane

Foundry crane is a rugged heavy duty lifting equipment specifically designed to transport hot liquid steel in harsh environments with ...
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Popular choice for Ellsen’s bridge cranes

Founded in 1973, Ellsen Company has developed in to one of the biggest manufacturer and the largest supplier in overhead crane industry around the world. During more than half-century’s growing, Ellsen Company owns over 700 employees including almost 200 professional engineers and more than 400 skilled workers in 6 factories. At the same time, we insist on the principle of “customer first, quality ahead” to build every bridge crane meet customers any demands. Both rich experience and strict standard are all build into each lifting machine and component. As a qualified and reliable dealer, we produce all our lifting equipment on the basis of international standard. And we also received the ISO9001, ISO1400 and OHSAS1800 certifications.

With sales worldwide, service and repair centers nationwide, our overhead crane for sale have been exported into 30 countries and regions around the world. Relying on high-quality and responsible attitude, we won great reputation among our customers, becoming their first choice for lifting equipments.

Smart features of bridge crane

1.Rigid steel structure

2.Reasonable design

3.Outstanding appearance

4.Low clearance

5.Light dead weight

6.Advanced technology

7.Start and stop smoothly

8.Easy installation and maintenance

9.Thoughtful pre-sale and after-sale service

10.High quality with competitive price

11.Reliable and strong professional team

12.Flexible and efficient performance

13.Secure and dependable

14.Big lifting capacity

15.Stable operation

16.Complete and high-safety device

17.Limited speed

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