Dominica Client AQ-LD 5 Ton Single Girder Overhead Crane

LD 5 Ton Overhead Crane With Chain Hoist

AQ-LD type 5 ton single girder overhead crane equipped with chain hoist was ordered by Dominica client. It has been successfully intalled at site. This type of crane is designed for light service, and can help you get the job done safely and quickly. We not only offer the crane design, fabrication, but delivery, installation and maintenance on request. We aim to solve any problem you have in the material handling industry. If you have any question, feel free to contact us!

Double Girder Overhead Crane Installation for Chile Client

We offer double girder overhead crane installation for our Chile Client. The crane is designed for general lifting purposes in their facility. With well-experienced engineers, we can offer the crane with the right features and capabilities to meet your specific lifting needs. In addition, we offer steel structure for industrial building. The steel structure is an ideal option to erect buildings. It features light weight, high strength, low cost and long service life. If you are looking for building your own facility, we can offer the steel structure building design and fabrication. We not only offer the overhead crane design and fabrication, but a complete after-sales service, including the equipment installation, commissioning, acceptance and maintenance for that we have established a perfect service system that comprises 8 service networks and over 60 after-sales service engineers. As a trusted overhead crane manufacturer in China, we can offer you a quality product … Read more

AQ-QD Double Girder Overhead Crane Used in Stone Factory

AQ-QD double girder overhead crane for stone factory

Among our so many clients around the world, a client from Russia left me quite impression. The client was from Russia, who owned two stone factories; mainly offer all kinds of run-of-pit, as well as many art wares produced by stone on the basis of customer’s demand. The main reason that I had a deep impression to this client was that he has specific requirements to his lifting equipment, and he knew more related knowledge about the crane machine. He was the customer introduced by our client, the first he met us, he told us clearly his requirements and dreamed crane equipment. Crane solution According to our client real situation, in his stone factory he should lift or move big weight stones, 50ton or 80 ton was common, sometimes even over 150 to or heavier. However, his stone factory not uses this crane machine frequently, usually about few days a time. So according to these condition, we recommended him our … Read more

AQ-HD European Type Single Girder Overhead Crane Applied for Mold Factory

AQ-HD overhead crane equipped in mold factory

One of our overhead crane clients was from Singapore, who owned a mold factory cover a area of about 200 square meter. He has two old and traditional overhead crane in his factory, however, they were so old that can’t work smoothly. So this client decided to exchange one first. Crane solution According to his factory’s real environments and our crane products, our professional crane engineers designed two crane solutions. One is our AQ-HD European type single girder overhead crane and the other is the AQ-LD type single girder electric hoist crane. Crane choosing 1. The difference between the AQ-HD European single girder overhead crane and the LD type overhead crane From the name, we can clearly see that both of these two kinds of overhead crane is single girder. That’s because the mold that be lift by crane lifting machine is not so big, the lifting capacity of 20 is enough. … Read more