European Standard 10T And 32T Overhead Cranes Installation

European standard 10 ton and 32 ton overhead cranes have been installed in the factory of our valued customer. These European-style bridge cranes adopt a unique design concept, with the characteristics of small size, light weight, better appearance and small wheel pressure. Compared with traditional overhead cranes, the limit distance between the hook of the European-style crane and the wall is the smallest, and the clearance height is the lowest, which effectively increases the working space of the existing plant. Therefore, European standard overhead cranes are very popular among customers.

European Type 10 Ton Overhead Crane
European Type 10 Ton Overhead Crane

European Type 32 Ton Overhead Crane
European Type 32 Ton Overhead Crane

In addition, for the newly built plant, due to the light weight of the crane and the small wheel pressure, the space of the new plant can be designed smaller and the functions are more complete. Smaller plants mean a considerable amount of money can be saved from initial construction investment, long-term heating, air conditioning and other maintenance costs.

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