Garage Overhead Crane

Garage overhead crane, a kind of small overhead bridge crane, is necessary lifting equipment to be used in non industrial application, such as your garage, pole barn, and workshop and man cave. Owned a garage crane system, you will make you work easier, faster, better and safer. A garage bridge crane with two parallel steel tracks makes a steel bridge work smoothly on your workshop. Whatever left and right, or forward and right, the crane garage also can operate easier. Besides, for garage crane ideas, there are no certain limited for the thing you want to lift or move. And the key feature of overhead workshop crane is that you can move anytime anywhere in the factory.

Garage Overhead Crane for Sale
Garage Overhead Crane

Garage overhead crane parameters:

  • Load capacity: 1-20t
  • Span: 7.5-28.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-18m
  • Lifting speed: 0.8/5m/min
  • Hoist running speed: 2-20m/min
  • Crane running speed: 3-30m/min
  • Work duty: A5

Quality overhead garage crane for sale

Being famous leader in garage kits for many years, we can totally offer you great and cheap garage lift machines for sale. Besides these movable overhead gantry crane for garage, we also supply you with all kinds of overhead garage systems for sale. Usually, home garage lift is not so bigger, 30 ton is enough, so we design garage crane hoist with single girder in your garage. Best matched with AQ-CD, AQ-MD electric hoist, the garage hoist crane system is so strong and safe.

Features of overhead garage crane

1.  3 types assemble methods of garage lift system for adapt various kinds of garage. One is electric hoist is equipped under main girder, if your garage is enough high, you can choose these overhead garage crane machine, second, you will find the electric hoists are equipped on the trolley, then this group is running on the girder of garage lift systems. This model garage hoist systems are best to used in the factory with limited height, and can also save a large sum of money in some degree.

2. 2 control ways of garage crane hoist equipment, the cabin control and ground control.

3. All garage cranes are used steel to deal with the rust in surface, every garage crane components can meet the specification of GB8923.

4. We ensure each outstanding appearance garage crane system, with balance and shining painting, improved painting technology can extend garage bridge crane work life 5 years at least.

5. Free supply you shield as gift for crane garage for sale.

Popular choice for garage overhead crane

Aicrane Overhead Crane for Sale
Aicrane Overhead Crane for Sale

Relied on the expertise and professional engineers, our company is good at offer all kinds of overhead crane servicing. Such as bridge crane, gantry crane, jib crane and also the various hoist. During the development over 70 years, we have been a mature overhead crane company with 6 factories, providing satisfied service for our customers and getting highly thinking among them. We not only provide all standard cranes, but enable to customize several overhead cranes on the basis of your demand. Such as the heacy duty magnetic overhead crane, and the small and overhead single girder cranes.

Advantages of garage overhead crane

  • Convenient and flexible manipulate. .
  • Unlimited mobility.
  • All-around moving. Left and right movement aside from forward back movement.
  • Much stronger, more capacity.
  • Maximum the space
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Effortless installation and maintenance
  • Rigid and stable steel structure
  • Reasonable design, high safety.
  • Beautiful appearance, high productivity
  • Advanced technology, competitive price.

Small Capacity Overhead Crane for Sale
Small Capacity Overhead Crane for Sale

Garage system service

1.Response your inquiry quickly and detailed in 24 hours.

2.Free garage hoist systems design from professional crane engineers

3.Free garage overhead crane test before buying, and free garage hoist crane operator training.

4.Lifetime maintenance for each overhead garage hoist system

Smart features of electric hoist

AQ-CD Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Sale
AQ-CD Electric Wire Rope Hoist

European standard electric hoist
European standard electric hoist

After a big success established by the overhead crane, China became the third country holds capacity to research and launch the large-size overhead bridge crane with cross-country tire behind America and Japan. This break through represented China’s research and development ability on mobile overhead crane has achieved into the first level around the world, which will take place the exported step by step. Due to this excellent invention, the company grazes the opportunity to produce more adjustable and flexible lifting equipments for our customers.

One of our hot hoist products is the AQ-CD1, AQ-MD1 type electric wire rope hoist, which is the improved lifting equipment on the basis of AQ-CD, AQ-MD type hoist. Thanks to these plenty of advantages, compact structure & reliable design, general components & easy maintenance, our AQ-CD1, AQ-MD1 electric hoist get widely used, at the same time, win the great reputation among our customers.

There are two types electric hoist, one is fixed electric hoist, and another is the trolley electric hoist. According to different position of the settled support arm, the fixed type electric hoist can also be divided into four modes. However, compared with the first one, trolley electric hoist can be used alone when equipped on the rail.

Besides, the AQ-CD1 type electric hoist only can raising in normal speed, while the AQ-MD1 two speed including normal speed and slow speed.

How to installation a garage overhead crane

The garage overhead crane produced by our company with advanced technology can meet all your requirements in loading or lifting goods. We not only can custom a garage overhead crane according to your demand, but also can help you install the light duty electric overhead travelling crane for sale, or provide you the best and reasonable guidance to set up it.

  1. Weld or bolt these two I-beam with a length less than the garage or garage bay.
  2. Install two girder trolleys on each side, and then put on the I-beam across the two of them.
  3. Attach the winch and gantry you just set up on crossbeam.
  4. You can also design the whole thing by double for the safety.
  5. You can choose a motorized truck to make garage overhead crane easily manipulate.

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