AQ-HD European Type Single Girder Overhead Crane Applied for Mold Factory

One of our overhead crane clients was from Singapore, who owned a mold factory cover a area of about 200 square meter. He has two old and traditional overhead crane in his factory, however, they were so old that can’t work smoothly. So this client decided to exchange one first.

Crane solution

According to his factory’s real environments and our crane products, our professional crane engineers designed two crane solutions. One is our AQ-HD European type single girder overhead crane and the other is the AQ-LD type single girder electric hoist crane.

AQ-HD overhead crane equipped in mold factory
AQ-HD overhead crane equipped in mold factory

Crane choosing

1. The difference between the AQ-HD European single girder overhead crane and the LD type overhead crane

From the name, we can clearly see that both of these two kinds of overhead crane is single girder. That’s because the mold that be lift by crane lifting machine is not so big, the lifting capacity of 20 is enough. On the other hand, the AQ-LD type overhead crane and AQ-HD kinds own the similar lifting capacity, however, the most difference between them is the work duty. The AQ-HD overhead crane enjoys bigger work duty, which can reach the A5, while the AQ-LD only can arrive to A3 or A4. Besides, the AQ-HD type single girder overhead crane also had the higher profile components that imported into Italy and German, of course, the price of AQ-HD type overhead crane is more expensive than the AQ-LD.

2. Customer choosing

Our clients said that his mold factory will at work all day, he had two parts workers, some of them work at day, while others worked at night, considering the heavy and frequently work, we recommend him selected the AQ-HD.

3. Four unique smart features of AQ-HD type overhead crane

Though the AQ-HD type overhead crane is a bit expensive than the AQ-LD, and the other single girder overhead crane, however compare with the other aspect, the client was suit for it.

First, high profile components save a lot cost in maintenance. The AQ-HD type overhead crane can worked more than 70 years without any repair in good maintenance condition, which can spare so much money for our clients.

Second, the high work duty ensures the high work efficiency and productivity, which guarantee the more earning. We will image,  sometimes, when we use the so bad lifting equipment, these crane machine may can’t work frequently, then you have to stop your work to find the problem and deal with it, how terrible it was, not only waste your time, but your money in fixed it, in change the parts of it, or the productivity lost. Thinking this comprehensively, the AQ-HD European type overhead crane may be the best choice for frequently working environments.

Crane design

AQ-HD overhead crane design project
AQ-HD overhead crane design project


We only spend no more than two months to make our client got his AQ-HD European type overhead crane. The client was so satisfied with the elaborate customized yellow appearance and our thoughtful service in free operator training, trusted crane installation and maintenance guidance, as well as the profound after-sale service.

Three month later, this Singapore client was so pleased and assured with the high quality and good operation experience of our AQ-HD European type single girder overhead crane, so he also choose us as his second AQ-HD type overhead crane manufacturer.

Do the best crane lifting machine; we are always on the way. We guarantee the high quality, low price, outstanding appearance and great user experience, come and choose your particular overhead crane.

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