Installation of European Standard 5 Ton Underhung Crane

This 5 ton underhung crane is a European standard bridge crane with the characteristics of compact structure, good rigidity, sensitive operation, low noise, safety and reliability. The crane has been successfully installed in the customer’s factory. The under running crane is mostly used in machinery manufacturing, assembly workshops, warehouses, etc. It is used with CD1, MD1 type electric hoist, I-beam for running track. The operation mode of this crane is ground operation,including pendant control and wireless remote control.

5 Ton Underhung Crane for Sale
5 Ton Underhung Crane

European Style Under Running Crane
European Style Under Running Crane

This European-style suspension crane can be directly installed on the roof structure of the existing plant without the need for corbels, so it can save space, reduce costs, and make full use of the plant space. In addition, this series of crane trolleys have a small operating limit size, so the heavy objects can be lifted to a position close to the wall of the plant.

We supply a variety of overhead cranes to meet different lifting requirements. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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