Overhead Crane Installation

Overhead crane is a sort of heavy lifting equipment with large and complicated structure, which has extremely high requirements on safety. Overhead cranes must be properly installed and commissioned to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Aicrane Overhead Crane Installation Service

We not only focus on the design and manufacturing of overhead cranes, but also provide extensive after-sales service, including the overhead crane installation and commissioning, staff training service, 12-month warranty, free technical advisory service, etc. With rigorous technical training and rich experience, our after-sales service team provides the most reliable solution for users’ safe lifting and working efficiency, ensuring that each crane operates safely, stably, and reliably.

Aicrane service includes:

  • Guide installation and operation debugging and acceptance

We will send after-sales service engineers to install and debug the equipment.

After the installation and commissioning of each set of equipment, we will conduct customer return visits.

  • Technical information, warranty period and technical service

We provide product certificate, instruction manual, repair and maintenance technical specifications, and also random spare parts and random tools.

We provide staff training service and technical consulting services.

We provide lifetime service support.

  • Our service is available at 24/7.

HD 10T Overhead Crane Installation
HD 10T Overhead Crane

10 Ton Overhead Crane Installation
10 Ton Overhead Crane Installation

Aicrane Installation Service
Aicrane Installation Service

Overhead Crane Installation Steps

  1. Check the main structure and dimensions of overhead crane, and make trial connection of end beams.
  2. Re-check the main structureand dimensions, and carry out the bridge hoisting and connection.
  3. Lift the crane parts and accessory boxes onto the bridge and install them in sequence.
  4. Install cab, cab platform, ladder and maintenance cage.
  5. Install conductive posts and railings.
  6. Install the main beam and end beam rails.
  7. Install hook block.
  8. Installelectrical equipment.
  9. Install safety devices.
  10. Power on and carry outno-load trial operation for initial commissioning.
  11. Winding wire rope.
  12. Carry out the entire machinecommissioning, especially the safety devices.

Precautions for Bridge Crane Installation

  • Install the overhead crane in accordance with the installation specifications.
  • Pay attention to the operating conditions of the installation equipment and machinery, especially the connection conditions of the lifting equipment, wire ropes and strapping joints, and the braking conditions.
  • Choose lifting point and lifting auxiliary structure. Note that the installation load of the crane during hoisting cannot be greater than the installation load of the crane design.
  • Pay attention to the correct positioning and connection of each part of the crane, especially to ensure that the connecting parts are firm and meet the installation specifications.
  • Make a record of the installation process and deal with unexpected situations in a timely manner.

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