Overhead Crane Maintenance

In order to extend the service life of overhead crane, improve the utilization rate and ensure safe production, regular maintenance of the crane is very critical. The following are some maintenance tips for overhead cranes:

  1. Appearance of the bridge crane: comprehensively clean the crane to make sure there is no dust accumulation. Check for cracks and open welding.
  2. Crane and trolley travelling mechanisms: check and tighten the drive shaft seat, gear box, coupling, shaft and keys; check and adjust the brake wheel clearance to make it even, sensitive and reliable.
  3. Check the reducer ofthe crane to see if it leaks oil. When there is abnormal noise in the cabinet during operation, you should open the cover to check. Generally, it is caused by damage to the bearing, excessive backlash of the gear meshing, or serious wear of the tooth surface.
  4. Lifting mechanism: check and make sure the steel wire rope, hook and pulley are safe and reliable, and if the wear exceeds the specified value, the parts should be replaced; check and adjust the brake to make it safe, sensitive and reliable.
  5. Inspection of steel wire rope. The commonly used steel wire ropes are phosphate coated steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope and smooth steel wire rope. The inspection of the steel wire rope should focus on checking for broken wires, abrasion, kinks, rust, etc. For some locations where the wear and broken wires are more serious but have not exceeded the standard, they should be marked in order to track and recheck. Check whether the safety limiter of the wire rope in the drum is effective, whether the wire rope pressure plate is compressed and whether the number of pressure plates is appropriate.
  6. Lubrication: check the oil quality and quantity of all parts, add or replace lubricant as required.
  7. Check the pulley of bridge crane: check whether the amount of wear at the bottom of the groove exceeds the standard and whether there are cracks in the cast iron pulley. As for the balance wheel of the pulley block of the hoisting mechanism, it does not move under normal circumstances, so it is prone to be ignored. Therefore, you should check the flexibility of its rotation before installation.
  8. Electrical system: check whether the limit switches are sensitive and reliable; check whether the actions of the electrical components in the electrical box are sensitive and reliable; check whether the motor, electric bell and wire are safe and reliable; check whether the signal light is in good condition.
  9. Check whether each coupling of the bridge crane is loose. Check the elastic rubber ring of the elastic pin coupling for abnormal wear, and pay special attention to the wear of the gear ring gear of the toothed coupling.
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