Overhead Crane Malaysia

Are you looking for a reliable overhead crane brand in Malaysia, simply contact Aicrane. We have been in the overhead crane industry for more than 10 years, and the products are well received by customers for their superior quality and service. We are overhead crane manufacturer and supplier in China, and have established branches in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, etc. to provide customers with offline services and product display.

Types of Overhead Cranes for Sale Malaysia

We provide customers with efficient and convenient material handling solutions to improve their work efficiency and safety, and also bring substantial benefits. The following are several kinds of overhead cranes for your reference:

  • LD single girder overhead crane
  • LX underhung bridge crane
  • HD European standard single girder crane
  • LB single girder explosion proof crane
  • LDZ single girder grab crane
  • QD double girder overhead crane
  • LH electric hoist bridge crane
  • NLH European standard hoist overhead crane
  • QC magnetic overhead crane
  • QB double girder explosion proof bridge crane
  • QDY hook casting overhead crane

To get the price of a bridge crane, please provide some basic information about the crane needed, including rated load, span, lifting height, type of load, crane working environment, etc. Based on these information, we will off you a suitable quote.

Overhead Crane Installation At The Customer Site
Overhead Crane Installation At The Customer Site

Features of Aicrane Overhead Crane

High performance

The crane runs smoothly using the frequency conversion technology, and minimizes the swing of the load, and makes the loading and positioning more accurate and fast.

Convenient operation

A variety of ergonomically designed suspension controllers are used to control all functions.

Optional wireless remote control system is also available, which provides the best control solution for use in harsh and complex environments.

Excellent safety

The crane has multiple protection measures such as overheat protection, overload protection, phase sequence protection, etc., which can ensure the safe operation of the crane.

The drum of the hoisting mechanism is a steel drum, and the angle of the wire rope is small, which can reduce the tension and wear of the wire rope.

The hoist motor has a strong overload capacity and thermal protection function, and can be continuously connected to the power.

Low operating and maintenance costs

The crane has low power consumption and low failure rate during correct use, which can minimize the loss caused by equipment failure and shutdown, and also save equipment maintenance costs.

Wide range of applications

The crane is suitable for factories, cargo yards, docks, power plants, construction sites, etc. The lifting capacity can range from 1 ton to hundreds of tons.

The overhead crane can be customized according to the working environment and height requirements.

About Aicrane

With strict and perfect product control system and after-sales service system, the company provides customers with product supply, scheme design, production and processing, installation and after-sales service in an all-round way.

The company has advanced production equipment, lean management model, and strict quality control system. All raw materials and components are strictly controlled, and each process has set quality control indicators to ensure product quality.

The professional after-sales service team can meet the customer’s installation, commissioning, user training, technical consulting and other service needs, and there are dedicated personnel responsible for customer return visits after service. We provide life-long service support.

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