Overhead Crane Manufacturer

If you’re looking to purchase a new overhead crane from an overhead crane manufacturer, you can rely on Aicrane. The company is a reputable lifting equipment manufacturer and service provider in China, integrating crane design, manufacturing, sales, installation and service. Based on the user’s needs and actual situation, we propose an overall solution for the user, or tailor a reasonable configuration to meet the customer’s comprehensive needs for crane safety and economy.

Scope of Supply of Aicrane Products

We supply a wide variety of heavy lifting equipment including overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, hoists, winches and travel lifts for your efficient and safe material handling and transportation. According to your specific lifting requirements and working conditions, we will assist you to select the most suitable crane system to maximize your work efficiency and safety.

Aicrane overhead crane products come in different configurations and specifications to accommodate different facility conditions and handle various loads or materials. Main models of overhead cranes we supply include:

  • LD single girder overhead crane
  • LX underhung crane
  • HD European standard single girder bridge crane
  • LB single girder explosion proof crane
  • LDZ single girder grab bucket crane
  • LDY single girder metallurgy overhead crane
  • QD double girder overhead crane
  • LH electric hoist bridge crane
  • NLH European type electric hoist bridge crane
  • QZ double girder grab bucket overhead crane
  • QB double girder explosion proof crane
  • QDY hook casting overhead crane

Single Girder Overhead Crane Manufacturer
Single Girder Overhead Crane

Hoist Double Girder Bridge Crane Price
Hoist Double Girder Bridge Crane

Our overhead cranes can also be custom designed and built to to meet your special lifting requirements. To receive a quote of any type of overhead crane, please feel free to contact us.

Customer Cases

Our crane products have been exported to many countries and regions, such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Philippines, etc. These cranes are widely used in manufacturing, metallurgy, automotive, paper, shipbuilding and other fields to facilitate the material handling process and reduce labor costs. Our sales, engineers and service team are here to provide comprehensive service throughout the order process to ensure you get satisfactory material handling solutions.

The great job finished by our installation team in Nigeria:

Quality Control

With advanced processing facilities and strict quality control system such as strict control of raw materials and components, and quality control standards set for each process, we aim to provide customers with superior quality crane products.

After-sales Service

We provide complete after-sales service for all delivered overhead cranes to ensure every set of overhead crane equipment can work safely, stably and reliably. We have excellent after-sales service team with rich experience and expertise to provide service for users’ safe lifting and working efficiency.

  • We send experienced engineers to the work site to assist customers to install and commission the equipment.
  • We provide staff training service to ensure your staff can better operate the crane.
  • We provide 12-month warranty.
  • We provide technical support and other services.
  • Our service is available at 24/7.

We will, as always, repay customers’ trust in us with high-quality products and perfect services. Contact us today to learn more about Aicrane products and services.

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