Overhead Crane Types

Overhead cranes come in different types and configurations to suit different lifting requirements of customers. The cranes can be designed for general use and special lifting purposes as per requirements.

Different Types of Overhead Cranes for Sale

General overhead crane

General overhead crane is designed for general use and works in the general environment. The following types are all general overhead cranes:

  • Hook overhead crane

Hook overhead bridge crane is composed of metal structure, crane travelling mechanism, trolley travelling mechanism, lifting mechanism, electrical and control systems, and a driver’s cab. The picking device is a hook. Generally, crane with a rated lifting capacity of less than 10 tons are equipped with one lifting mechanism; cranes with more than 16 tons lifting capacity are mostly equipped with the main and auxiliary lifting mechanisms, which can load and unload materials in a variety of operating environments.

  • Grab bucket overhead crane

The picking device of the grab overhead crane is a grab bucket, making it ideal for lifting, loading and unloading bulk cargo, scrap steel, etc. Wire rope is used to connect the grab lifting, lifting mechanism, opening and closing mechanism respectively. Except for the lifting and closing mechanism, grab crane has the same structural components as the general hook bridge crane.

  • Magnetic overhead crane

The basic structure of the magnetic overhead crane is the same as the hook bridge crane, except for that an electromagnetic chuck is hung on the hook, which is used to lift ferromagnetic ferrous metal and products. Usually, the AC power is converted to DC power through a motor-generator set on the bridge platform or a thyristor DC box installed in the driver’s cab, and then through a special cable drum provided on the trolley, the DC power supply is sent to the lifting electromagnet by the flexible cable.

Overhead Cranes for Sale
Overhead Cranes
  • Dual-purpose overhead crane

There are three types of dual-purpose overhead cranes: grab hook bridge crane, electromagnetic hook bridge crane, and grab electromagnetic bridge crane. The cranes are equipped with two sets of independent lifting mechanisms on one trolley, one set for grab and one for hook (or one for electromagnetic chuck and one for hook, or one for grab and one for electromagnetic chucks.)

  • Three-purpose overhead crane

This type of overhead crane is designed for multi-purpose. The crane can use a hook to lift heavy objects, or hang a grab or electromagnetic chuck on the hook to load and unload materials. Grab bucket works with AC power, and electromagnetic chuck works with DC power. Therefore, the crane must be equipped with a motor-generator set or a thyristor DC power supply box.

  • Double trolley overhead crane

Double trolley overhead crane is equipped with two trolleys with the same lifting capacity on the bridge, mainly used for lifting and loading long pieces of objects.

Metallurgical overhead crane

Metallurgical overhead crane is a special crane designed for lifting molten metal, widely used in metal smelting workshops. The crane can withstand harsh working environment, suitable for the ambient temperature of -10 ℃ to +50 ℃. Work duty: A7, A8.

Explosion-proof overhead crane

Explosion proof overhead crane is suitable for places with flammable or explosive gas and mixture, widely used in petroleum, mining, steel, military, aerospace and other industries.

Selecting the Type of Overhead Crane for Your Business

Please let us know your requirements in detail so we can help you select the right overhead crane for your application:

  • Rated load
  • Span of the crane
  • Lifting height
  • Type of load or material
  • How many hours does the crane work per day?
  • How many meters does the crane travel?
  • Crane working environment

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