Top Running Overhead Crane

Top running overhead crane is designed to lift massive loads. Generally, a top-running system is much heavier than under hung equipment. For top-running systems, the end trucks are supported on rails, which are attached to the top of the crane runway. Besides, as the best and efficient lifting solution in large coverage facility, top running overhead crane or bridge crane can be designed in both single girder, double or box girder, there are enough options to suit your demands.

Single Girder Overhead Crane for Sale
Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single girder overhead crane parameters

  • Lifting Capacity: 0.5t~20t
  • Span Length: 7.5~31.5m
  • Working Class: A3~A4
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃~40℃

AQ-HD European Type Single Girder Crane
AQ-HD European Type Single Girder Crane

AQ-HD European type single girder crane parameters

  • Lifting Capacity: 3.2~16t
  • Span Length: 7.5~28.5m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Lifting Speed: 0.66/4~1.6/10m/min
  • Crane Travelling Speed: 2~20m/min
  • Working Class: A5

AQ-LH Double Girder Hoist Bridge Crane Supplier
AQ-LH Double Girder Hoist Bridge Crane

AQ-LH double girder hoist bridge crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 5~32t
  • Span Length: 10.5~31.5m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Lifting Speed: 3~8m/min
  • Crane Travelling Speed: 20m/min
  • Working Class: A4

AQ-QD Top Running Overhead Crane for Sale
AQ-QD Top Running Overhead Crane

AQ-QD double girder top running overhead crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 5~450t
  • Span Length: 10.5~31.5m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Lifting Speed: 2.1~12.5m/min
  • Crane Travelling Speed: 42~90/min
  • Working Class: A5~A6

AQ-QDY Foundry Overhead Crane Price
AQ-QDY Foundry Overhead Crane

AQ-QDY type foundry overhead crane parameters

  • Lifting Capacity: 5~320t
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Span Length: 10.5~31.5m
  • Working Class: A6~A8
  • Working Temperature: -10℃~55℃

Top running overhead crane from reliable manufacturer

With strong and professional technology team, we have been the world choice in overhead crane industry. After more than 70 year’s development, the company accumulates rich experience and excellent engineers. The entire advanced technology and responsible attitude all built into every overhead machine and component. So far, our overhead crane or bridge crane has been exported into more than 30 countries and regions around the world. At the same time, we also acquire highly thinking among our customers. They all believe that our company will be their best choice for various outdoor and indoor bridge crane purchasing.

Smart features of top running overhead crane

  1. Less costs and lower wheel loads on single girder overhead crane
  2. Big lift height and capacity on double girder top running overhead crane
  3. Reasonable design and profound appearance
  4. Advanced technology
  5. All-around guidance on installation and maintenance
  6. Light dead weight and low clearance
  7. Stable steel structure and high safety
  8. Thoughtful pre-sale and after-sale service
  9. High quality and competitive price
  10. Flexible and efficient performance
  11. Complete and reliable safety device
  12. Limited speed

Safety measures on top running overhead crane

  • Overload Switch
  • Power Circuit Limit Switch
  • Rotation Warning light
  • Anti-crash equipment
  • Travel Limits for Bridge & Trolley
  • Warning Horn or Bell

How to avoid the wear of hook

Plenty of overhead cranes are used in poor environment, thus causing the bridge crane with hook wear of lifting machine very serious. Therefore, finding a best way to avoid wear becomes very important in the process of using. May be these three ways in the following can help you.

First, you can attach on sleeve on one single wire rope. Using a steel tube whose diameter is large than wire rope to fit on wire rope, in case to the friction between the rope and hook to protect the hook.

Second, utilize some materials take place wire rope. A nylon rope may be a better choice to decrease the friction for these overhead gantry cranes for sale.

Third, change one wire rope into three, equipped with rope-clip on the side of wire rope to reduce wear and increase the lifetime of hook and wire rope.

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